On my Odom, which is about 12 years old...

Apparently, the builder of my Odom, used an inferior type of epoxy, that loosens when exposed to water. I have already re-glued the keel block and the two bulkheads using a marine-grade epoxy (from Home Depot) and now the deck has come off on the Stbd side so much that a piece of tape no longer keeps it from leaking.

I need to to remove the entire deck. I think I will add some more wood strips on the edge, probably a 1/4 x 1/4 inch strip, for a bigger gluing surface. Then I would probably add a fillet to seal it from bilgewater.

Some tips, other than to be very careful when cutting the seam would be appreciated, as well as any tips to re-glue the deck seam, as I would probably need to mix a large amount and spread it on. Can you brush it on, or is a spatula better? Wax and add a strip of masking tape to the outer hull to keep any epoxy from dripping?