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    Default Build & Rebuild Log Marblehead Esterel LE

    Here I will try to best show the build and continuous rebuild of my Marblehead Esterel LE based on Claudio's design.
    The design was originally called Esterel Diamond (due to it's shape) but renamed afterwards, since somebody else used the "diamond" name for his design.
    LE stands for Lardis Edition, since I did not build the boat, but my very good friend (and benefactor) Christos Lardis, got tired of my constant nagging and various proposals and said "you have it and let us see how can you race it"
    I'm not sure which exact version of Claudio's design did Christos use and to tell you the truth I'm currently looking for details about keel-bulb-rudder since I would like to 3D print those parts.
    So let me begin with whatever pictures we managed to find from the original build.

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