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    Default MICROMAGIC vs NANO

    Having consulted the NANO Rules, I just tried to compare with a similar length model like the Micro Magic.
    There are some data that may be difficult to cope with.
    The NANO Sail Plan aspect ratio is rather high compared with the Micro Magic.
    The Main Luff is 900mm against the 980mm of the total Micro Magic height
    My preliminary calculations for the Nano shows a possible Sail Area of about 1700cm against the 1450cm of the MM, it can be less if both sails become narrower like the rigid sails of AC catamarans.
    Similar righting moment of the MM can be obtained with a bulb of about 275g, but the height of the CE may requires more weight in the bulb to get similar stability against wind pressure.
    No calculations made, is just a guess.
    I wonder about stability !
    No further comments!


    Here below the comparative templates.
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