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Thread: "1290" Class M Hard Multi Chine Hull

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    Default Re: "1290" Class M Hard Multi Chine Hull

    Hi Clark,
    Yes it is true, chined hull are fast.
    At the begin of the year I was busy with other designs like 10R, IOM and a Class M, when it happen to read a paper from a Canadian/Belgian Architect Alex Quertenmont about the peculiarity of chine hulls.
    Was so interesting that I changed my mind and start drawing a multi chine hull. The major expected parameters were: speed, maneuverability, close hauled and stability performance. True or not, who knows ! but now I'm fully involved with the construction.

    The name is in the title "1290 C" as 1290mm length and C for Chine.

    No time to build the 400liters basin to experiment the Swirling paints, but certainly not to hide the hull forms.

    I learn also how it is difficult to draw chine shadows. 4 panels is rather easy, 5 panels is getting complicate and six panels really difficult in order to combine the focal points that warrant the developed surfaces.

    Other then the hull form I want to experiment also the radial jib similar to the one developed by Hoyt.
    It may that the rudder stock will be linked to an easy accessible pulley to avoid pulling/pushing rod swing requiring wider holes. (see below)

    Pictures are generally substituting words.
    At the moment busy with a lots of details, Fin Box, reinforcement Shadows, deck layout including the transom, this is why I just worked around a mock up to visualize future tasks.
    Here where I am, even my thinking is already somewhere else like a model that can be faster then a IOM a well a Class M and 115cm - 45" long.
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