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Thread: "1290" Class M Hard Multi Chine Hull

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    Default "1290" Class M Hard Multi Chine Hull

    The Springtime is coming !

    Is time for me to return to the Models construction after almost 1 year stoppage due to recovery from hernia operation.

    A lot of thinking and discussions about pros and cons for hard chine hull performances.
    I just drawn a new plan for a Class M and there is only one way to verify it.
    Here the picture about.

    Among this design, it happen to discover various painting decorations methods, like "stretch adhesive film" often used for car body, "Hydrographical paint" with plenty of subjects and "Swirling paint", my preferred.
    On You Tube plenty of demonstrations simply using above key words.

    The M picture is the result of a screen shot made on one of YouTube short film.


    Just a link out of many :
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