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    This is a log of my attempt at Claudio's n-Arrow design.
    Dick and TArmstro are busy building an extremely narrow version with a chine down the side (V5 if I'm not mistaken)
    Claudio kindly supplied this version based on the earlier Version3.
    It has been modified for a higher PC for our wind conditions.

    I mentioned that this build would be an attempt for me at doing a female mould, which I could then offer for any other local builders to use should they wish to attempt a first build.
    Upon hearing this, he kindly adjusted the design to give a much more forgiving weight allowance and still be "in spec" for all us new builders.

    So here are the files supplied by Claudio for V3b

    Appendages and sail plans

    Click image for larger version

Name:	Narrow 3Overview.jpg
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    Be very careful if you use the above graphic.
    The sail plans are the correct dimensions, but the hull/appendage drawing is double the scale, so all dimensions need to be divided by 2.

    The following PDFs are the line drawings which are 1:1.
    You will need to adjust the printing scale to allow for the thickness of your chosen planking.

    Shadows n-Arrow-3B.pdf

    The following files have a common line added to the line drawings so you have a common flat point for when you print/cut your stations.

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