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Thread: Hi from Kluczbork, Poland

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    Default Hi from Kluczbork, Poland

    My name is Kris, i'm from Poland
    Radiojachting is my new hobby.
    I'm building Noux2 now.


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    Default Re: Hi from Kluczbork, Poland

    Hi Kris, welcome to what is probably the best online resource for all things R/C yachting. Pretty much every established class is covered one way or another and there's also plenty of information on 'non' classes.

    As I've stated before in earlier introductions, don't be fooled by the apparent lack of postings at the moment, the vast majority of expert contributors do swing by reasonably frequently so any questions you may have will be answered pretty quickly.

    Building the Nous II, have you come across Lester Gilbert's excellent resource for all things IOM? Also, will you be posting a build log of your Nous - it's in a group of designs I have earmarked for the future and would love to see your build.

    In the meantime, enjoy this incredible resource & ask/answer plenty of questions.



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