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Thread: SeaWind Readyset and parts availablity

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    Default SeaWind Readyset and parts availablity

    I asked Efrain at Kyosho America why their web site shows the Readyset as "Not for sale". He indicated that shipments of Readyset SeaWinds are coming in each month now but are currently fully committed to Dealers and outstanding orders. They only sell them from the web site when they have surplus inventory. Anyone wanting one can place an order through their local Kyosho Dealer or through online vendors such as sailrc.com.
    I also asked about spare parts availability. I was told the parts sets are now beginning to come through the pipeline but with new Part #'s based on the Readyset parts set list on the back of the new instruction manual. For example fin and rudder sets, now Part # SW3B, are now in stock. Sail sets are scheduled to arrive in June. Anyone needing spares should keep a close eye on the Kyosho web site to check availability or simply place an order which will be filled when available.
    All continuing good news for the SeaWind Class!
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    Default Re: SeaWind Readyset and parts availablity

    Today advised by E-mail that Kyosho.com has new Seawinds ready set in stock. If you want a new Seawind, just go there and add to cart.

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    Default Re: SeaWind Readyset and parts availablity

    Skippers, I checked the Kyosho America web site today and found that Replacement sail sets are now in stock: http://www.rcsailing.net/forum1/foru...2-Seawind-COA& at the old price. The only major part set that still has not reappeared is Plastic parts set C. Hopefully thsi last set will arrive shortly. However things are now definitely looking up for the class!

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    Default Re: SeaWind Readyset and parts availablity

    Hello All...

    Just a note I took delivery of a new 2014 SW in mid July from AMain Hobby, I just started today to try and get it rigged. I do have the mast on and up. I am a little mystified about the Main Sail and Jib Sheet rigging, The pictures in the pamphlet are not real clear. If all they are is run from the deck to the connection point on the booms, that is fine, however there seems to be some inter weaving of the sheets through or around the jib fore stay attachment short line somewhat similar for the main boom too. Won't be able to sail till I get to Yuma in mid Oct, but am looking forward to that day. Any advice on the sheet rigging would be helpful.

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    Default Re: SeaWind Readyset and parts availablity

    Hi Tom,
    Welcome to the SeaWind Fleet! The sheet lines for main and jib run from the knot where they join forward to attach to the jib and main booms. The main sheet line runs through the fairlead ring B7 (as shown in exploded view 4) and the two hooks are attached to the aft and forward eyes located on the bottom of the main boom. Most skippers attach them so that the line runs alongside one side of the vang rather than cross over. This is for ease of access for adjustment.
    Similarly the jib sheet line which runs forward through the deck mounted eyes is attached to the two eyes on the underside of the jib boom so that the line runs along one side of the boom. If you have any lingering doubts as to whether you have it rigged correctly if you can email me a couple of photos I will be happy to take a look and comment for you. (seawind@theAMYA.org)
    One thing to consider is joining the SeaWind COA (https://sites.google.com/site/seawindcoa/) by downloading and completing a Registration Form from the Home page and mailing it to me together with the one-time $7 fee. I will allocate a sail number and mail you a Registration card, Hull Certificate, "S" sail logos and a Summary Tuning Guide.
    Good sailing!

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    Default Re: SeaWind Readyset and parts availablity

    Just a final update on parts availability. Plastic parts set C Part # SW6B in the Readyset parts list is now in stock. It is identical to the old Part #SW6 and includes Part C1, the keel insert which is not needed for the Readyset version. I note also that spare hulls are also in stock in the Regular SeaWind parts list and together with part SW6B can be used by anyone looking to build a customized SeaWind or replace a damaged hull.
    It is very encouraging to see Kyosho fulfill their promise to continue to support the SeaWind product line with spares!
    Good SeaWind sailing!

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    Default Re: SeaWind Readyset and parts availablity

    I had a call from Efrain Manzano at Kyosho America this morning advising me that a large shipment of Readyset's is coming in next month, October. If anyone wants to be sure to get one (Christmas is coming after all!) they can place an order through their local dealer or email Efrain direct (Efrain@kyoshoamerica.com) to be put on the wait list.
    By the way, anyone wondering about the competitiveness of the Readyset version should know that Tony Shoaf recently won the Region 3 Championship Regatta with a Readyset!
    I asked about Sail sets as a recent shipment sold out quickly. He indicated that he believed that another order had been placed and will advise me when he has information about impending arrival. Again, any skipper seeking replacement sails should place an order to be sure to be on the list.

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    Default Re: SeaWind Readyset and parts availablity

    When I checked the web site yesterday KyoshoAmerica has SeaWind Sails listed as "in stock" under the parts for the SeaWind Readyset.

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    Question Re: SeaWind Readyset and parts availablity

    Mike or others...
    There are most parts listed, but enough "NOT in stock" to complete a project.
    I would like to make a second rig (mast, sails, etc).
    Some of the plastic components, like the mast topper is "not in stock"
    There are others, but I won't take time to list them all.
    Anyone have a known ETA on the parts marked "not in stock"?
    You have to put your name/email address on a waiting list.
    Peace always,
    Sail (Thomas)

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    Default Re: SeaWind Readyset and parts availablity

    I sent an email inquiry about that last week to Kyosho. I will post information when and if I receive any.

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