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Thread: 2014 SeaWind NCR

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    Default 2014 SeaWind NCR

    A web page on the SeaWind COA web site is being created for all information about the upcoming 2014 SeaWind NCR:
    I have created this thread for anyone to post questions, comments or suggestions about the NCR, to encourage other skippers to attend or for any other purpose regarding the NCR.
    I hope to meet up with friends old and new among the SeaWind fleet. We welcome skippers of all levels of ability and experience to take part in the annual NCR party!

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    Default Re: 2014 SeaWind NCR

    Thanks Mike for starting this thread!

    As the coordinator of the 2014 SeaWind Nationals at Housatonic MYC, I want to join Mike in encouraging all SeaWind skippers to consider participating, and I'd like to remind any visitors here on this forum who might be "thinking about" purchasing a SeaWind, that there is still plenty of time to get one up and running before the NCR.

    As Mike pointed out, we encourage skippers of all skill levels to join in the fun, and believe you will find the SeaWind community of sailors a very friendly and helpful bunch.

    The Notice of Race and the Entry Form are available on the Class web site that Mike has given a link for. As the old saying goes, "enter early and often!"

    Please don't hesitate to ask questions here, or contact me through the contact information given on the forms.

    Hoping to see some of you in September! Smooth Sailing, Ken B.
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    Default Re: 2014 SeaWind NCR

    Entries are starting to come in for this event and a list of entered skippers is posted on the NCR web page.
    Hotel information is also now posted!
    I hope to be able to meet a lot of Region 1 & 2 skippers there. How about making a commitment to be there!

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    Default Re: 2014 SeaWind NCR

    Looks good- I'm in! Looking forward to seeing everyone.

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    Default Re: 2014 SeaWind NCR

    Looking forward to seeing you here, DL !

    Don't forget your camera and note pad, Mister Editor ! (...and bring along some of your Seawind buddies to...)

    Ken B.

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    Default Re: 2014 SeaWind NCR

    First 10 entries are in for the 2014 SeaWind NCR! If you are planning or even hoping to be there let Ken Bauser know as soon a possible. It really helps the organizers plan a great event to have an idea how many will be there.

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    Default Re: 2014 SeaWind NCR

    Just a reminder that two more weeks remain before the regular deadline for entry to this year's SeaWind NCR. After that time entries may still be accepted but at a higher cost than is currently available.
    Hope to meet you there!

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    Default Re: 2014 SeaWind NCR

    Got time off on Friday so plan to be at the site sometime shortly after noon.

    Very excited to sail with everyone again. Got my boat, got room reservations, got everything except stick time on the boat. Been a "too busy" summer.

    See you in a week!


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    Default Re: 2014 SeaWind NCR

    Great, John. Looking forward to seeing you and sailing with you again! Ken B.

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    Default Re: 2014 SeaWind NCR

    Well, the Seawind Nationals 2014 Day 1 is concluded, under sunny skies, warmer than normal temperatures, and light variable breezes.
    With 15 races completed, and 2 throwouts applied, the unofficial top 5 are as follows:

    1. Mike Eades (AZ) 31 Pts.
    2. John Arkenberg (CT) 47
    3. Al Stiewing (AZ) 51
    4. Fred Goebel (CT) 54
    5. John Coale (ME) 60

    Final results will be posted Sunday evening.

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