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Thread: SeaWind Readyset - Feedback

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    I had a problem with my rudder not holding center. It seemed to move in different directions at different times. I discovered that the brass bushing (with the flat side on it) was just a tiny bit loose in the plastic rudder horn. What I did was center the rudder with the trim centered on the TX. I applied CA to hold it. Then 1/16th drilled thru the plastic and screwed in a very small screw to hold the bushing in place. Of course when you do that you might need to readjust the links from the ruder servo.

    On edit: I cannot take credit. Just took me a while to find the issue. Here is where the idea came from Seawind Express page 3.
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    Weight of Seawind Readyset. I bought my Seawind Readyset in June 2014. I weighed it on the 14th of Feb. 2015:

    Boat without Keel or hatch cover 3 lb. 14.1 oz. or 62.1 oz.
    Keel 3 lb 6.2 oz. or 54.2 oz.
    Hatch Cover, Lexan 1.9 oz.

    Total 7 lb. 6.2 oz. Only 14.2 oz. overweight

    Minimum Weight 6 lb. 8 oz.

    5 AA NiMh Battery Pack 3.9 oz. Included in boat weight, above, same as 4-cell, included with the boat
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    Sailrt posted his Readyset weight on 3/26/14, and his weights are about the same as mine. It appears the Readyset is just overweight. Similar servo weights are close, and similar batteries are about the same weight, so swapping these out does not appear to solve the problem. I can only gain a few ounces.

    I would like to assemble a spreadsheet of boat weights. I would like to receive from SeaWind owners, their boats total weight, the keel weight, their battery weight, and whether the boat is a Kit or Readyset. Any other data would also be appreciated. I will post the spreadsheet and graphs as a file on the SeaWind COA website.

    Please send data to alan.krusinger@gmail.com

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    I have a thread for SeaWind servo replacement and weights at RC Groups, Sailboats. The last entry is as follows:

    Kit Keel: 52.75 oz.
    Readyset Keel: 53.5 oz., 54.2 oz.

    Kit Boat+ Keel RTS: 103.7 oz.
    Readyset Boat + Keel RTS: 115.5 oz., 116.3 oz.

    Class Minimum RTS: 104 oz.
    Readyset Advertised Weight: 105.82 oz. approx.

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    Just recently got my Readyset Seawind. I am hopeing to get things out to allow me to do the mast compression strut for the boat. My issue is the keel post is not u threading and just seems to be free spinning. I think I may be stuck having to get a new post set and cut the old one out. If anyone has suggestions that is better please let me know. Also think I will reinforce the keel pocket while it is free of things above it like the battery box.

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    Unless you have a carbon version Readyset there is no need for a mast compression strut or to reinforce the keel insert area. The original carbon kit version had a very weak fiberglass/resin deck which needed the reinforcement under the mast step. The new carbon Readyset is claimed to have a stronger molded deck but I have not seen one nor have I heard any reports from current owners as to the construction of this new version.
    If the blue threaded tube for the keel rod is not unscrewing but is free spinning you should be able to insert a sharp edge under the top flange and prise or pull it up out of the outer aluminum tube and hence remove the interior structure.

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    Carbon Readyset hull with keel, rudder hatches and radio gear. 5 lbs 8.8 oz out of the box

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