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    Default Opti-Footy: gift idea for Christmas

    For Christmas in family: The Opti-Footy

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    Born to a request of my sailing club of "real" boats to introduce toddlers to the great principles of sailing , the Opti-Footy is used primarily as a teaching tool . So, with this tool, the children understand very quickly that front wind a boat is not moving, that downwind must shock sheet, etc ... and that not enough peak tensioned creates a bad wrinkles in the mainsail ... A Opti-Footy session proves to be more effective than a theoretical course of the same duration ... and much more fun.
    Another advantage of the thing, by very light air, beginners kids bored on their boats ... a small meeting Opti-Footy before sailing has a strong tendency to motivate young troops ...
    The Opti-Footy has quickly seduces children who love it and monitors sailing club . For the oldest , coaches quickly saw the value of the formula to instill in their students the challenges of strategic positions boats , reading of the water and the effect of a lifted or a refusal on vessel position .
    Coaches have also be used to explain the positions and "Match Race" rules .

    For children and adults , the Opti-Footy therefore delight young and old.

    Design / construction:

    Given the "club" use by people who are not necessarily for modellers , it was necessary to design a robust and reliable model , appropriate economic and easily repairable .

    The plans were extrapolated from the real plans of the " Optimist " , adapted to the Footy class, the freeboard was increased slightly and the hollower hull , deck plan is the exact reproduction of the existing model, an "Optimist" has a length / width ratio of 1 to 2, the Opti- Footy fits perfectly into the Footy gauge.

    The hull is 3mm Depron and is very simple to build (6 items cut : bottom, 2 sides , aft transom , forward transom and the central couple) , the rig is carbon tube 3 and 4 mm , requiring no piercing, the Z was made with stainless steel hook 2.7mm for slate , the keel and the rudder are made of aluminum. The radio transmitter / receiver T2M 2.4GHz 2-way, rudder servo : micro servo Power HD- D65HB , sail servo : Hitec HS- 82MG on cassette , sailing made with plastic bag.

    performance :

    Although the Opti-Footy was not designed for the purpose of performance, it appears that it is doing pretty well . But not as good as a model of competition , the Opti-Footy is doing very honorably a game against pure racing models which makes it an introduction to boat regatta.
    Its control is very easy, the boat is very responsive and because it is very weighted , it is very tolerant , which was the goal in this case for the sailing club.


    The plans will be released when I have a little time to put them to own ! But if many of you ask me , I 'll make sure to send them before Christmas ...

    Jean-François Bessière
    French Footy Registrar
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