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Thread: 35th America's Cup Gossip

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    Default Re: Larry Ellison eyeing Honolulu for '17 America's Cup

    money makes the world the go round... no sponsors, no money...no money no fun... not everyone has deep pockets like larry..

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    Default Re: Larry Ellison eyeing Honolulu for '17 America's Cup

    Having the AC45 racing has a qualifyer for the AC could be a good idea but the then what will it do the AC45 fleet ? we had plenty more countries who had a boat for the AC45 tour but knew they wouldn't have the budget for the AC72 last time round so it offered a great spectacle or racing AC45.

    Haven't looked yet but is there a budget limit as part for the rules ? and have they ruled on the team member nationality yet so it becomes a team representing a country instead of a cheque book team ?
    No race is finished till the finishing line is crossed !

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    Default Re: Larry Ellison eyeing Honolulu for '17 America's Cup

    And no, there is nothing come to light on the Protocol for the 35th America's Cup expected to have been announced on March 16, 2014. No announcement on the venue, either - which all works the way of the existing teams and those not requiring sponsorship before they can proceed.

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    Default foiling through tacks

    "He (Gino Morrelli) foresees the boats foiling through tacks without slowing down..."


    I want to see that!

    "the T-foils will be symmetrical, and bigger. This is part of what brings us to foiling tacks. You’ll have more chance to use low angles of attack to give you the highest glide speed through the tack. We’ll see who can glide to weather the farthest.”

    "the ability to over-rotate the wing gives us a tool for sailing in a wide wind range with one wing.”
    "if you’re bearing away around the weather mark in 30 knots, you can crank the wing inside out to get positive righting moment. You get a safer turn"
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    Default Re: foiling through tacks


    Sailboats are "slow" and they will never foil. Nobody wants to watch "sailboats." You'll need 100 MPH wind to foil a sailboat, and they will never foil while turning.

    --Manly-man person drinking beer at a sport bar. Unfortunately, I didn't have my Android(tm) tablet with me. I'd like to show a guy like that this photo:
    Click image for larger version

Name:	AC34SFJuneD16_1234-672x372.jpg
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    I'd bet our expert will say, "it's an offshore catamaran powerboat, and the spray is from the twin 1000 HP engines." What's that sticking up from the deck? "Obviously, a building in the background."

    HA HA HA HA HA HA HA !!!!!
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    Default Re: foiling through tacks

    Back in the early 2000's (2001 -2003) I had the ability to sail one of the MicroSAIL multihulls owned by a local sailor. During the day, with light to medium winds, we had no problems getting it up on it's foils, and were able to tack from one side to the other without dropping off the foils and onto the water. The boat was driven by a soft sail and jib, - NOT a solid wing.

    As for a single hulled sailboat, it is amazing what the loss of all the lead will do for overall weight. If one were to take the Moth class - making a larger boat that would foil probably would require more than a keel and rudder - especially considering the Moth is driven by VERY movable ballast.

    Regardless - Gino and his partner Pete (Melvin) have been into multihulls and design since back in the late 1970's - wwhere Gino sailed in the same class as I did (18 sq. meter) but he was leaving the class as I came in. Pete developed the ultra light A Class boats starting with the carbon "WaterRat" design, which has been updated/redesigned a lot of times thru the A2 version.

    For interesting reading and to see what this group has been into, Google the company (Morrelli & Melvin). Hint: they were involved with the Sony "PlayStation" cat way back.

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    Default Re: foiling through tacks

    It's official....
    It'll be wing-sailed, foiling, AC62 cats for the 35th America's Cup.

    But the one weird rule is that they can't start sailing the boats until 5 months before the qualifiers start in 2017?
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    Default Re: foiling through tacks

    What's weird is that the Challenger teams are only allowed to build ONE AC 65 boat where as the Defender can build TWO !!!! ......

    Further, the Defender is now allowed to compete in the Challenger AC 65 round robin series ...a historic No No !!!

    Go figure how many challengers will sign up under these new stacked rules ???
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    Default Re: foiling through tacks

    hope no one will accept to go on with !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Default Re: foiling through tacks

    The Rule was supposedly created with the cooperation of the challengers and other experts.

    As long as there are more than one challenger, there will be at least two boats for "training" and development. The Defender will not get to compare to any other team until the actual America's Cup regatta, so allowing two boats for them makes sense, and is fair.

    In any case, we we will get to wait until 2017 for any real competition to start, except maybe AC45 racing. I would like to see some AC45 racing on the Great Lakes of the U.S.A.
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