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Thread: 35th America's Cup Gossip

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    Default 35th America's Cup Gossip

    It's official-

    September 30, 2013:
    Australia’s Hamilton Island Yacht Club confirmed as Challenger of Record.

    More information here

    What's it going to be this time, holographic boats on 900- foot long screens? wing-sail, monohull radio yachts on an inland reservoir? Your guess is as good as any!

    If the Aussies are challenging, does that mean Spithill and Coutts gotta leave town to go down under?
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    Quote Originally Posted by TomoHawk View Post
    If the Aussies are challenging, does that mean Spithill and Coutts gotta leave tow to go down under?
    I hope so...love to see boats filled filled with her countrymen/women

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    In that case, it looks as if the American's may be in trouble, unless they choose the XBox as the format.

    If they want to make it affordable to compete in the America's Cup, they maybe theyshould choose r/c yachts. Every country that I can think of has excellent builders and winning designs. For $150 million (euros, dollars, etc.) you could built an army of boats for an army of skippers, and pick from the best, not to mention giving the r/c yacht hobby/business a big boost

    Like with the Olympics, you can train tirelessly for several years, and perfect your technique, so putting together a winning team of Americans should not be so tough, if you can afford it and organize it. Would you give up several years of your life to train for the America's Cup to defend it for fun and/or your country?

    Personally, I don't see why people consider the Kiwis so great. Maybe they have MORE experienced sailors per capita or at any age, but the U.S. is known for a level of competitive spirit that is equaled by none. In fact, there have been some come-back stories in American sports that are on-par with what OTUSA did recently, just not in yacht racing.
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    I would put Morelli (Gino) and Melvin (Pete) at the top of the multihull design/engineering world. While Nigel Irens might be second, M&M just have put together too many winning designs. A List of their most recent efforts.....

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    There has been a little forward-moving news in San Francisco. the mayer has been putting together a list of sites for the next AC.

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    Default Re: 35th America's Cup Gossip

    MultiONE - GER 1

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