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Thread: 35th America's Cup Gossip

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    Yeah, I watched them put the boat in the other day. I just wish I would know when they are going to get a live video going, because I don't carry a phone or tablet.
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    The competition is about to start! on May 26th.

    Besides the special AC+ application, will there be something on TV? I mean besides on some obscure channel you only get for a fee? I think most cable systems have Fox Sports and networks like that. Last time, someone told me the AC races were "live" on Youtube, when I know for a fact that it wasn't.

    I hope they have sense enough NOT to let any network substitute tennis for the AC races.

    Let's hope for a straight-forward, no-drama, defense, although the last AC was what you'd cal "not boring," except for the one day there was no pressure.
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