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Thread: 12mR scale 1:12

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    Hello Claudio,

    I'm very sorry to hear about your back. It is really tough to have back problems. I should not complain, I knew it takes time to heal after a Carpal tunnel operation.

    I'm printing Azzurra I4 right now. I also went and bought 200kg of lead this morning. A lot was lead cable, and I will melt and make lead bricks tonight or tomorrow (depending on the weather).

    Posting a picture of the Azzurra stern.

    Once again thanks for your help on the Claudio gadget! Really smart design!!


    Click image for larger version

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    Hi Lars,
    Is the Azzura a male mould or other ?

    About "Claudio Gadget", I like to repeat as told in the past, it is not my invention, just introduced it in this Forum after discovery from my Club in Milan. No name existed for this tool and some one since called : 'Claudio Gadget' !!!
    My search work was to find the origins of this tool and, without the having the proof, it seams that similar method was invented many years ago to make real Fisher Boats Sails, probably in 1800'.
    Similar principle tool was called "Gurkenzange" ...

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    Hello Claudio,

    Thanks anyway for sharing this gadget. I was going to build something really big and bulky, but this is awesome.

    I removed Azzurra from the build bed, not quite finished. I will have to print a short piece to finish this section.

    The printer has some limitations, and I learned something new printing this huge piece...


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