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Thread: 12mR scale 1:12

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    That is cool! I think it is a different rival but cool that it's got the same name! Beautiful boat! Lars

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    I have been doing some work on my US 26 Courageous. Test installed and test floated the boat. I have made both the main rudder and trim tab.
    Done for tonight. Epoxy hardening. I have removed more than a kg from the front of the keel since the test float picture. She is bow heavy in the picture.
    Other than that, I'm very happy with the deck flange. Makes the hull very rigid and easier to work with.

    If anyone has the drawings for US 61 and wants to share those with me, that would be a cool next build.

    //LarsClick image for larger version

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    The lead weight is 19.6kg or 43 pounds. Pretty heavy

    I love this scale. I might build another Columbia, and make it scale 1:10.6 like my other two twelves. This is if I can't get hold of the drawings for US 61 that is. US 55 Stars and Stripes would also be cool to build, or Kookaburra III.


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