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Thread: rigging ideas

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    Default rigging ideas

    After mucking about for the last three weeks trying to get sheeting lengths and jib/main angles correct for a new boat, it makes me think that perhaps it would be easier to use flat rectangular spars
    for the jib and main booms. Easier to drill multiple holes through a flat carbon spar than trying to figure out a simple way to secure on a 6mm round, and make it adjustable.
    Any thoughts? I have done allot of internet research on this subject, trying to find the most easy, simple way to make adjustments quickly,not many answers, What do you do?
    I have seen the rubber o-rings and wound wire thingies, but wonder if there is another lighter way to do it.

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    Default Re: rigging ideas

    For my Jib, I use fuel line clamps from my hobby store. Cheap and light. Look at the Jib in this pic. It is not a '65 but is is a 6mm jib boom :-)
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    Default Re: rigging ideas

    These work great. I just tie the line to them and clip them on.

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    Default Re: rigging ideas

    i use fuel tuping cut into 1/8" section. mulch like the rubber oring. i deadman the sheet below decks and have all my adjustments on the booms... one hole directly above the fairlead. on the end of the sheet, when fully sheeted in with trim the fishing snap hook is almost at the fair lead.

    on the boom is a loop that is tied through the fuel tubing such that when passed through the hole in the boom the fishing snap hook attches to the loop. then I can slide the fuel line tube up or down the boom to fine tune the sheet angle. this what I do on my victoria, soling (only difference is wood spars) , and RG65. I have a similar setup on my EC12(aluminum spar), but I utilize a Z bent wire in place of the fuel line tube with holes drilled into flat side of the booms that the Z bend hooks to.

    Also keep in minds that once you get your settings nailed down. this is not an adjustment you have to continually adjust...

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    Default Re: rigging ideas

    These are all great ideas, I like the fuel line clamps have never heard of those before. plastic clips look interesting as well.
    Marc, I have a Vic as well and have thought about using some sort of elastic setup to dump the jib in a gust, but look I'm getting
    off my own topic now. As far as the RG class it seems to me that weight is imperative and simplicity of design, ease of adjustment
    are key. Everything else is in your thumbs. Always allot of good information here at RC Sailing.Net.

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    Default Re: rigging ideas

    I use lots of grommets from radio shack for boom adjustments. the variety pack is ~$2 and has a bunch of sizes. Once you find the place that they need to be permanent, you can glue them to the boom if needed. I use them from RG up to M sized boats.
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