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Thread: Foiling again

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    Default Foiling again

    Some new clips of my FireDragon foiling


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    Default Re: Foiling again

    Rolando ...can imagine that's hard work concentrating to keep right side up, congratulations looks really great !

    I did not see it but can/how does she sail down-wind ?

    Cheers Alan
    You can only create, what you can imagine

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    Default Re: Foiling again

    actually it is not so hard to keep her right side up when concentrating on the boat - recording the video clip right handed while sailing left handed makes it hard.
    The boat is most fun on a broad reach, that's why the clip shows mostly this.

    Here is my last clip where FireDragon is sailing downwind too

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    Default Re: Foiling again

    Some new hydrofoiling clips from last Friday

    I have changed my nick from 'rolando' to 'multihull'


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