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Picky -...-?!
- If you want to learn and understand all of it, it will take you several years and a master degree on aerodynamics.
Not true anymore. With advances with computers and their programs, it's not has hard for the "layman" to pickup and experiment. Without having to build anything. Simulations go a long way, even with low Reynolds numbers. Dr. Mark Drela from MIT has advanced the field tremendously (he is one of the authoritative researchers in low Reynolds numbers) as he written XFOIL (text output) for the simulations of airfoils in low Reynolds numbers, which has been updated with XFLR (graphical output). Heck, even I have used XFLR with good results, following online tutorials.
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Iīm just a simple 50 year old retired shipwright with 33 years of boat - and yacht-building experience.
(I started my apprenticeship at 17.)
Iīm aware of the steps I had to leave out over the years.
Some of them have been a pain for me - or still are.
Again, things have changed since you started out. Newer materials, newer construction techniques, newer data have been found in 50 years.
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But thatīs just my 5 cents.
Personally I don't think it's even worth 5 cents with an attitude as yours. As I've said before with sediments as yours, we would still be living in caves and saying fire is a stupid idea, and beating each others heads with rocks.

So why don't you take a break and let those who want to try expand mans knowledge and at least experiment. Who knows, someone might have a spark of an idea that others haven't come up with and find a solution to this idea. Or it might turn out that you're right and you would be exonerated. Who knows!?!?!?