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Thread: Reported Post by claudio

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    Default Reported Post by claudio

    claudio has reported a post.

    commercial publicity
    Post: For Sale Rg-65
    Forum: Classifieds
    Assigned Moderators: Dick Lemke, Earl Boebert

    Posted by: Steel_knee
    Original Content:
    FS, 65 cm RG-65, design Laertere 65, build by professional builder. Loxcated in Ventura California. Price $250.
    This IS NOT a commercial builder. It is a private party trying to sell one of two RG65 boats that he owns and recently purchased. His reference is that is was built by a professional builder - it was not built by the person advertising the item for sale.

    Dick Lemke - Moderator
    Last edited by Dick Lemke; 12-06-2010 at 11:07 PM. Reason: This is a legitimate post. A private party is selling one of his two recently purchased RG65 boats.

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