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Thread: Hello from Texas

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    Default Hello from Texas

    My name is Bob and I am in Laredo Texas. Don't worry about the Border Wars, I will have that all under control in a few days.
    Not much RC sailing going on here in Laredo, in fact I am it. I go to Corpus Christi , and Rockport and sail with a few friends over there.
    I look forward to getting a lot of information from this board.
    I currently have a R/C Laser (one of the first ones) My second Soling 1m, wife sunk the 1st one. I sold a Santa Barbara about a year ago, I own a footy, and am wanting to build a Soling 50 next. My life dream is to build a 12meter.


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    Hi Bob, welcome aboard! There are a bunch of guys sailing all sorts of boats in San Antonio if you want to run up one weekend.


    They have also hosted several Regional and National Championships at their facility. email rssailtexas at yahoo dot com if you have any questions about the club.


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    i have e-mailed the club in San Antonio numerous times and never recieved a reply.

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