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Thread: Preparing to Sail

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    Well, here we are in another February !, Time does pass quickly when you are enjoying yourself !!.

    Started on a thorough check of my schooner Bluenose, ready for the first Event, which is on the 6th and 7th of March.
    Will be sailing at the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum, which is a fabulous place to sail, sailed there many times in the past.

    Most of the schooner seems to have got though last years sailing quite well, a few dents and scratches, but nothing serious.
    Changed some of the Rigging and a few hooks and fasteners, but thats all.

    Fitting new batteries, the old ones are getting past their best - - - dont want any red faces !!!.
    Really need new Sails, but all the Silk I can get is all the wrong colour, so still looking .


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    Default New Sails

    John, I just got 2 yards of Dupont "Supplex" for Constellation. It's what SC&H uses in their kits and Dan's super detailed them as he has everything on his Syren. He raves about the stuff. He's used fabric glue for panels, tabling, etc, and hasn't had a problem in two years (his words).

    It has a silk like texture to it, is strong, UV resistant, & resists wrinkles.
    This is one source there's got to be a UK source somewhere.

    The pics show the new Mizzen tops'l and comparisons to the muslin I originally planned to use. That sail's taken one round in the washer with no ill effect and not a stitch is sewn into it.
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    Thanks for the Link Jerry, looks very good.
    Does it feel like Silk, or is it hard , most important, does it stretch - - and then stay stretched !!.
    Some cloths stretch more one way than the other, but I dont want either !.
    If you put a piece to your lips, can you blow through it.

    Lots of questions, but it is new to me, never heard of it before.
    Should be OK, its an International company making it !!.


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    It's gives a little in the weave, as any fabric will, but I wouldn't call it stretching, it comes back. Dan's sails look like new and even survived a collision with Ray's Surprise without any tears or punctures It holds air well. It feels a little stiffer to the touch than the muslin which is basically limp, but it's not starchy feeling or hard.

    It's made by DuPont - the folks that make Kevlar, Nylon, Dacron, Rayon, etc etc. Supplex in light-weight outdoor apparel - rain-gear, ski jackets, etc.

    Here's some pics of Dans Syren: Click

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    Hello Jerry,

    Thats one very impressive boat !.
    I will give the Supplex a try, sounds to be ok to me.
    Will keep you posted how I get on with it.
    Thanks a lot.


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    With reference to "Preparing to Sail" I spent quite a long time checking and rechecking my Schooner, for its first big Event of this Year.
    Turned up to the Event nice and early, rigged the boat and launched it, checked everything was working just fine - - - ALL OK !!!.

    All except one thing. - - - there was NO WIND !!!.
    None at all !.

    The Event was held at the Ellesmere Port Boat Museum, which just South of the river Mersey estuary, normally quite a windy spot.
    I waited about, but the wind didnt show, gave the boat an almighty shove, out into the middle of the water, hoping to catch some wind.
    Nothing doing !!!.

    She just drifted about catching just the slightest wafts of air.
    As the photo shows she was stopped, the first time ever for this boat !!.

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    Just been reading older Posts !!!.
    Gosh, how the Years go flying by!.
    Been very busy getting Bluenose and Endeavour ready for a big Show at the end of this month.
    Some things just don't change!!, all of the things mentioned above have just been done again !!.
    Must try to post more often.

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    Default Re: ~yes~

    Good to see all is well and you are still sailing. Say hello to the wife from me.


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    Hello Dick,

    Never stopped sailing !!!.
    Been doing Shows and Exhibitions for years - - really enjoy doing them.
    Will have to post some piccys !!!.

    Very Best Regards,

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    Been at a large Show at Blackpool, on the west coast UK.
    A real good Event, lots of visitors - - lots of questions !, very enjoyable.
    I displayed Bluenose and Endeavour, lots of room, very nice !!!.

    John.Click image for larger version

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