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Thread: Preparing to Sail

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    Default Preparing to Sail


    Getting my Schooner, Bluenose ready to sail at a big Event next month.
    Rigged the boat up and gave her a real good inspection.
    Amazing what I found!, Rigging cord frayed nearly through, Stainless Steel cables chafed and worn and lots of other things in need of attention.

    Most of the things I found wrong would not have been noticed at the Lakeside, only found them by sitting down at the side of the boat and having a real close look.
    At the Lakeside, folk are chatting and asking questions, its all a bit of a rush to get the boat rigged and into the water, no time to sit and check that all is well with the gear.

    From now on the boat will get the once over more often, will save any red faces from things which should have been noticed at Home!!!.


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    Default Re: Preparing to Sail

    I hear you.

    Done some similar stuff after I dusted of my boats after the winter.

    I found an awesome document on this.
    How to winterize your boat

    Maybe a little late now, but might be good to have in half a year.

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    Good article, very good instructions for what to do, before packing the boat away for Winter.
    But, the temptation is to leave things as they are, "Must remember to fix that before I sail next", comes into play - - - and you forget !!.

    WE all do it, we all regret not following the articles advice, then spend lots of time fixing things, instead of sailing in the better weather.
    Which is just what I have been doing for the last few days !.

    A good "New Years Resolution" would be to check all our boats in early January, instead of early Spring.


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    Your Bluenose has always been an inspiration to me & I plan to build a schooner after I finish my junk.

    Your new website looks good - haven't been to it for sometime & was just there this morning looking over the gallery & your how-to tutorial.



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    Hello Chuck,

    Thanks for your kind words, lots more to come on the new site, but been busy with Real Life!!.
    The Bluenose build Log is a bit long, but how else can the build of a big boat be described?.
    Each time I read it, I spot something else to include, but as it is, it works well.

    Been looking at some Silk for new sails, very thin, it has been coated all through with PU Plastic, totally wind and water proof, nearly the correct colour, BUT, very expensive!!.
    Still thinking about it for a Winter Project next year.
    May buy a small sample and try it out first on the boat.


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    Done a lot of thinking about the "plastic coated Silk" mentioned earlier, and have decided against it, mainly on the colour, it was just too dark a shade of Brown.
    The correct shade is "Light Oak Tan", which is not available in the plastic coated one.
    Sails just have to be the correct colour, lighter than correct, you can get away with, but, not darker, just doesnt look right!.

    The next thing which has been given a lot of thought, is the sail Setting Tracks on the Park Avenue Boom.
    There is no way that they can be made to Scale and be strong enough to work properly.
    So, sadly I will have to leave them off the Boom, may draw them on to indicate where they would have been, not too sure about that yet.

    Real Life forces don't scale down too well, and compromises have to be made.


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    Default Re: Preparing to Sail

    Quote Originally Posted by JayDee View Post
    Real Life forces don't scale down too well, and compromises have to be made.
    Amen brother!

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    Still been giving the sail Tracks a LOT of thought, really want to have them on the Boom, they were a prominent feature on the real boat and I would like to include them on the model.
    I have not given up, I am just doing a lot of thinking !!!!.


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    Default Re: Preparing to Sail

    Hi John,

    For the 'scale' look while sailing, the normal loose footed sail will approximate the shape of the Park Avenue boom without the complexity or friction.

    I was looking for T section extrusions but could not find anything small enough.

    I remember seeing a brass fitting consisting of a flat plate with a tube along it, and the tube had a slot. This cut into sections and placed across the boom, would create the base for the sliders. The sliders could be short pieces of nylon rod tied to the foot of the sail. (similar to what we use in IOM for the 'groovey' mast)

    You could make up a section from brass plate and solder a piece of tube to it. Then cut the slot in your table saw. Then cut into short sections to fit the boom.

    John Ball
    CRYA #895
    IOM CAN 307 V8

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    Hello John,

    Thanks for your thoughts, that is a good idea, its now in the pile with loads of others !!.
    The big problem is to make something that works ok, but looks right too.
    Just been downloading more pictures of the real boat, hoping for inspiration !!
    It will come, eventually !!!.


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