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Thread: Water inside my "Sealed" hull

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    Default Water inside my "Sealed" hull

    My Nirvana is gaining weight

    It's got about a pound of water sloshing around inside. It did last summer too, but had lost it by spring.

    I'm thinking about drilling a little hole in the transom and putting a little screw in it so I can drain the water out. What do you think?

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    I sail Victorias, and most people have drilled a hole in the transom and put in a rubber plug. In a breeze, they can get water inside through the various openings, even if sealed well. Drain the hull after every few races.

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    It's best not to leave the water inside the hull as the condensation can do nasty things to your Rx/servos.

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    I put a drain in the bow of my 1 Meter (similar to other boats @ my pond). A small, rigid tube at the very tip of the yacht extending 1cm above the deck.


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    Default Maybe a sponge, or a turkey baster

    Until you get to drilling that hole, perhaps you can use a sponge on a stick...like an aquarium glass cleaning gizmo or a turkey baster. The other question you had about servos is "yes". After about the 1 meter mark, most larger boats, marblehead and up, incorporate a servo to control the jib boom seperately from the main.

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    Default Re: Maybe a sponge, or a turkey baster

    Why band-aid method? seal it good with silicon sealent and she ont leak.

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    Default Re: Maybe a sponge, or a turkey baster

    in a heavy air, all my boats, from the rg up to the ec12 get water inside... I have drain holes on the rg and the victoria, the soling and ec12 I use a syringe the soling is my driest boat. probably because of the raised cockpit cover..

    if its a light air day IE no rails under water and you are getting water I wood look at rudder post or keel post.

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    Default Re: Maybe a sponge, or a turkey baster

    If the deck gets wet water can get pumped inside by the movement of the sheets through the deck fairleads. If you do a lot of heavy air sailing, or have a tender boat, a fairlead that rises a bit above the deck is a good idea.



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