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Thread: trimaran plans?

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    Default Re: trimaran plans?

    By now 86 free selfbuildingplans of the "Nightmare Mk.VII" have been sent out - the last one to Ireland. -

    And the first "Nightmare Mk.VIII"-pics have reached me from Thailand!
    Weight 2.05 kgs as it is on the pics - not bad for a foam/glass-build, which was only started 2 weeks ago!

    Homepage of this professional rc-sailingboatbuilder is: www.rcsails.com
    Rumors of Mini40-trimaran-kits for 555,- Us-Dollars.

    Picture 4 shows the "old" Mk.VII float, 5 + 6 the latest Mk.VIII as built by Phanchita.
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    Default Re: trimaran plans?

    My Nightmare MKVIII build is done and has hit the waters.

    Some videoclips are here


    Happy sailing

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    Default Re: trimaran plans?

    Some 3D-drawings of the previous Mk.VII
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Name:	Nightmare+VII+-+Above+perspective.jpg‎
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Name:	Nightmare+VII+-+Starboard+perspective.jpg‎
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    Click image for larger version

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    Default Re: trimaran plans?

    Hello Dennis,
    no problem to send you the plans.

    Congratulations, you got sailnumber 100!
    And you are also "Number One" for Belgium.

    Good luck for the building.
    All planupdates will reach you in a second mail.

    Kind regards,

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    Default Re: trimaran plans?

    Hello everyone

    It's me, the long lost Raphael, and I've still got Ernst's boat. It's real. I happened upon this forum when I googled myself.

    I doubt it will help anything, but, yes, I did get the boat. In my dealings with Ernst he was nothing but wonderful. And thats not to say I want to enter this conversation, thats simply my experience.

    The other reason I'm post - there's always another reason - is that sure enough I did go to university, and I haven't sailed the boat since. I'm going to graduate school now, and I'm thinking it's possibly the time to sell this boat. Please, Ernst, take no offense to this, I've enjoyed the boat tremendously, but with all of the moving and traveling I'm doing these days it's just not possible. Anyway, it's a fiberglass 2M trimaran, obviously of Ernst Zemann design and construction. It's obviously a very specialized market. Is it even possible to sell these things? If anyone is interested, it could be a great way to get going with a ready built 2 meter, very close to working condition.

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    Default Re: trimaran plans?

    I have just read thru this thread and have to say I am disgusted..I joined this Rc site so I could learn and share some experiences of RC yacht building.

    I owe a debt of gratitude to Dick and Ernst, over many years they have given great advice freely and warmly.

    Indeed, only a few months ago I expressed my thanks to them collectively on the first post on my Mini 40 build log.

    This is not the first time I have seen a post starter looking for sound advice on multi ownership that has degenerated into a slugging match.

    Ernst, shame on you for hiding behind a wheelchair bound novice Hungarian ..what the hell is that all about??.If you want to defend yourself do it in the first person and stay true to your word.


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    Default Re: trimaran plans?

    Quote Originally Posted by Dick Lemke View Post
    OK - I guess it's time once again to make "facts" known - from the "other side" -

    1> Mr. Zeamann was the person who promoted his own design and boats. Completely built, as kits or as parts. He sold a "kit" to Mark Baldacchino (who, with his father in Arizona, strung together a few impressive "National" championships in other classes) - mentioned so as not to be taken lightly. Mark had one hell of a time getting the boat he paid for. It was an offer by Ernst, with an acceptance by Mark and no product arrived for some time to fulfill that "contract".

    2> Mr. Zeamann sold a boat, then several parts to a Bill Hojnacki in Hawaii, who also had a hell of time trying to get what he paid for. He eventually purchased Mark's multihull (Mark by then had a baby on the way) and sailed it for several years in Hawaii before selling/shipping to Australia.

    3> Ian Sammis (an engineer with Cessna aircraft) bought parts and bits and pieces from Mr. Zeamann and had issues getting the boat or parts quickly.

    4> Lincoln Rowley ( Eastcoast USA) had some dealing with Mr. Zeamann that weren't helpful and most troublesome.

    5> Mr. Zeamann had a young fellow in Washington (state) create, develop and publish a website to sell his boats. The promise was a free boat. To my knowledge the website appeared, but the boat didn't.

    Keep in mind - ALL of the above were based on Zeamann's claims to "SELL" a boat. When thousands didn't beat down his doors to purchase his product, he claimed we (forum members) led him astray with false sales numbers/information for the U.S. market. When was the last time ANY company accepted sales and marketing information from the Net? As for me - Mr. Zeamann never responded with any compensation as his "sales and marketing consultant". Why? Because I never was one, not did any of my responses EVER indicate I was one - nor did I ever provide even "suggested" numbers. Ernst did no marketing research, and blames others for poor or no information. At the time, I encourage Ernst to build and sell from the "Shelf" - instead he decided to take money now, and build later. No one wants to wait 6-8 months to get a boat they paid for - they want it shipped on receipt of the money. Ernst elected NOT to do that.

    If the GHOST TRAIN was/is such a poor design - explain why variations of the design still hold a great number of European or U.K. National Championship titles - while none of Zeamann's designs are "race proven"? Since Ernst (and I) have been at this game for nearly a decade (I began in 1999 - Ernst a year or two later I believe) please forgive my "APATHY" as you call it.
    has been around long enough to see my efforts - a website for multihulls, nearly three years of an electronic "International" multihull newsletter links to the two "FREE" plans on line (GHOST TRAIN and WATER RESIST) my own 1 Meter design (IMPULSE) provided at no cost via the web, and dozens of responses to questions - technical ones as well as suggestions and recommendations to new builders.

    So for me "not" to take your comments personally is difficult to do. Quite frankly I gave you my honest and heartfelt advice. I suggested a keel boat on which you could both learn to build and learn to sail. It was to provide you something you seem to lack - experience! Once you can build, once you can trim and once you can sail in light wind or heavy wind, only then would I recommend a multihull. BUT - that was my opinion and recommendation. I furnished you with the above "facts" regarding Zeamann and you can do a search on his name and find what his German "peers" think about Ernst --- those having been around the multihull scene for more than a year or two. I stand on my opinion that Ernst was the only person responsible for his production failure. To point to me or others in the model multihull community as an excuse is an example of his failure to accept the criticism he deserves.

    What "MK" number is he now up to? If he keeps improving his boats with every model (design" release - what does that say about the guys who bought or built to design # MK-I ? Poor design? Poor performance? Poor handling? The questions are many - but I no longer dwell on him - until I see his designs in the race leaders at major multihull races in France or Europe. Ernst has done nothing to gain credibility in the multihull community (in my opinion) so quite frankly, use his designs, build to them, but don't come to a multihull community on-line and ask for free advice and then criticize the opinions or suggestions you get.

    You seemed disappointed when there were no responses to your request for free plans or kits. When you finally were advised "WHY" there were no production builders, you kept asking on other forums. I do not wish to debate the issues, it's been done in the past. I don't care what you build, whose design you use, or if you race or not. I've got my three (multihull) boats consisting of two F-48 class and one MultiONE class boats, and I am just completing the fourth of five RG-65 monohull builds. In addition there have been a "few" other commissioned builds of 1 meter and 366/600 boats along the way. Thus, I don't take your posts personally, but I certainly do take exception of your views on this area of radio control model sailing.

    Just get his plans, build the boat, post a few photos and be happy. I would suggest you just ask him your questions about how to build, rig, adjust and sail his "creations". Surely one would expect that from any designer of a boat, regardless of the class - or the design.

    I wish you well and look forward to your completed multihull photos. I will debate/discuss on this issue with you no further.



    Shame on you, I always believed a moderator on a site such as RC sailing should be a respected member of our community.Especially as newbies will look to you for sound judgement and advice.

    First of all, when replying intially to this threads post starter you mentioned as an after thought and its easy to interpret as "unwillingly" Ernst's nightmare design. Then you proceded to run down his design, well maybe you have an axe to grind with Ernst but...........

    You have seriously slandered Ernst on what is now obviously unsubstantiated heresay. Your post above clearly states Ernst as not living up to his promise of suppying a yacht to a Website designer, and therefore casting him as a dishonest cheat....and what do you know...up pops the person who received a 2mt trimaran from Ernst some years ago.

    You owe Ernst a large apology, i am afraid every statement you made about Ernst's business dealings is completely discredited as are you. It is clear the only people who know the truth are the people involved directly. Clearly you are not one of these people.

    Maybe Ernst made some bad deals , maybe he didn't..I do not care and I have no alliances. I, as do most, just want to share ideas and builds, not political posturing. As much as I respect and enjoy your sharing of knowledge, I feel that unless you immediately learn to remain politically neutral and write a full retraction on your slander of Ernst, you should be removed as moderator of this forum.

    Ernst is very actively offering advice to self builders as are you Dick...Ernst is asking nothing for his designs or knowledge as are you Dick...Ersnt has built many multihulls, as have you Dick.

    You are both valuable members of our hobby, please build a bridge..

    I emphasize I have no alliances...sure I am building a self modified version of Ernst's nightmare Trimaran...I am under no illusions..maybe it will suck...maybe it will clean up at every event...maybe I will build a design of your's Dick...you kindly supplied me plans for a R65 recently...who knows??.


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    Default Re: trimaran plans?

    Gary, what value is there in bringing all this up again, it's history and I don't understand the need to scratch at old wounds unless you have some agenda. It is just as easy to be critical of Ernst for misleading members of this forum by pretending to be someone other than himself.

    Every story has two sides and this one seems to have been worked though and the parties seem to have settled to a state of being accepting differences - I'm not sure they'll ever be friends but life goes on.

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    Default Re: trimaran plans?

    Nautibuoy, anyone reading this active thread through for the first time as I did tonite will be left with a bad feeling about the ethics of Ernst,The bulk of this thread has been filled with references to dishonest conduct.

    Ernst did himself no favours at all by posing as a wheelchair bound Hungarian and my only two posting on this thread points this out clearly.

    My only agenda is to point out the obvious very public slander in which some true facts have become very apparent recently ..its just not right.

    Sure they may never be friends, thats a damn shame.

    What would like to see is this thread completely deleted and have everybody look forward to the future.

    I will mention this no more.

    Rapheal, if you are still out there...there is a steady stream of folks out there looking to buy a rtr rc multihull, apart from the size/ freight problems..you should find a buyer relatively easy.If you would like , post a few pics of your multi and I will spread the word amongst a few Multi RC forums about a tri up for sale. What are you asking for it $$ ??. On second thoughts, maybe you should be heading to the classified sections of the sites, not sure about the rules here.??.


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    Default Re: trimaran plans?

    Gary -
    as noted by Nautibuoy (Ray) the posts go back some time - and what I posted (in my opinion) requires no apologies. It appears (to me) that both Ernst and I are mutually promoting multihulls - and not "shooting" at each other any longer. As long as you are looking at history - when (other than just recently) did Raphael post? He wasn't heard from since 2002 or maybe 2003. Do you honestly just "suppose" that without any posts since that time to "any" of the multihull forums, I was out of line posting: "To my knowledge the website appeared, but the boat didn't." My emphasis is added. Also, doesn't it just seem a bit odd that Ernst (at the time of my post that you quote) didn't refute my post with a correction? That too is odd (at least to me).

    Unfortunately, you come too late to the party, and aren't aware of the history in full. Not sure if Chad still has those emails archived, but as the owner of the site, he could well confirm the posts from various "buyers" looking for their product. Hopefully he won't need to, as it again, just opens the wounds that I am hoping remain healed - to some degree. No, Ernst won't be my "best" friend - but I will acknowledge his work to get the ideas of multihulls in front of r/c sailors. Once the issue of tearing down others to promote an unproven (race) design ended, and Ernst began promoting the type of boat and not the type of design - there have been no flair-ups, and we both seem to want to make a multihull design of "any" size more popular. At this time, we are both in agreement that to improve the concept, boats have to be on the water. Doesn't matter what size - 1.2, 1, or .65 meter - it's just they have to show up, sail and if possible compete in a sanctioned race to demonstrate their abilities. Doesn't really matter who wins - at least not until the classes are more active.

    You also need to come to the realization (and understanding) that Ernst has given out a claimed 100+ drawing sets. I have answered too many emails to keep count, and have sold hard copies of trimaran plans, as well as pointing people to on-line free versions (that they must find a printer to output). All of these many and varied people are mostly "talkers" - not do-ers. I have kept my emails for multihull plan requests, and since 2001 I have sent out, or responded to, 285 requests. So - since 2001, where are "any" of these boats that people were so hot to get? Many just don't realize the size until they start building. Even my free 1 Meter plans out since around 2006 haven't generated any other builds that have posted back to any of the forums with completed boat photos.

    THIS is what Ernst and I are trying to do - and while I grant you we've bumped heads in the past, we really are working together for the benefit of the type of boat we both like. Please keep in mind that buyers were emailing me, complaining their $1,000 + money didn't result in a 3-4 week shipment. That is what started all of this, and I think Ernst has acknowledged that he quit building, because of high cost, high freight, and lack of buyer commitment where multiple boats could be shipped together. Thus, he has focused on design and plans, and together we encourage others to build and enjoy. Siri is the "key" to whether a multihull becomes a decent sailing kit - or parts only, as he seems to want to step in and provide the "production" everyone wants. The question still remains - is a budget of $600 - $800 for a large multihull out of the range of some? Probably. Heck, even Doug Lord sold a few of his foilers and those were upwards of $1800 - $2000 back in early 2000 but they never generated an active class - too expensive and too big. Thus, if Siri can get a production 65cm trimaran ready for sale, it might prove to win over the people with it's (proposed) low dollars and it's small size.

    Not sure where you live - but keep in mind, the TRIDENT class was an AMYA class - but it died due to lack of interest, and I'm not sure if it was well designed. At least Siri's and Ernst's efforts for a 65cm design is a hell of a lot better than anything presently being marketed on a production basis. Just hope he can pull it off.

    I was going to offer to provide you, off-line, names of some who can verify the history issues - but to what good would it do? We need to move forward and promote multihulls - so in closing, I will not be drawn backward in time any further, and I really do understand you views of the past history and how if "may look" - but it is "past" history and both Ernst and I are trying to focus looking forward. Hopefully you will join us.

    Hopefully Ernst will agree we are on to a more focused effort of promoting multihulls, and have put many of these issues to bed.
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