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Thread: "Halfpint" maiden voyage

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    Default "Halfpint" maiden voyage

    Hi Footy skippers,

    I finally rigged one of my two "Halfpint" footys. [] I used the dowels (I think she could use a stiffer mast, so the next will be a carbon arrow shaft) and clear sails I got from Brett in my PipSqueak kit.

    Took her out today for her maiden voyage. After fixing a rudder control error, [:I] all went well. I had put 3 mast tubes in the hull for
    adjustability, and she seems to like the middle one. Hows that for lucky guessing! She sails well upwind, and downwind, too, although she noses down a bit going before the wind. No loss of control on the run, though.

    From some of the comments I've seen, I didn't have very high hopes for how she'd sail, but other than the fact that she can tack RIGHT NOW, I found her easy to sail.

    Unfortunately no pics, [:-cry] 'cause the original TequilaSheila is visiting our daughter in Florida and took the camera. I'll be sure to take some next week though, so you can see her in action, and Bruce can have some action pics for the website. I'll also get more stick time with her and give you a better report on performance.


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    Great News Bill!

    You mean we have to wait a whole week to see photos [:-cry]???

    Oh Well!

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