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  1. Footy National Collection?

    I have been working away at getting ready to do a house move, as part of that I thought it high time that I had a bit of a sort out in the garage / workshop.

    Now I consider myself very fortunate to have a space 50' long and as such tend to spread out a bit ~ you know whats its like, so I had accumulated a fair amount of junk over the last 8 years.

    I whittled this down and following numerous trips to the tip and charity shop I managed to clear the triple length garage ...
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  2. Email to Nigel 10/02/2009

    Dear Nigel

    When I pulled up on the drive this evening, my Wife heard me and came to open the door, I kissed her and called hello to the children and my Wife said go on its in there ~ enjoy!

    With great trepidation I carefully examined the HUGE box for any signs of damage and was pleased to note that even though the parcel had been wrapped in paper it was completely intact with out a tear or snag!

    I took great care in removing the outer packing only ...
  3. 25/1/09

    Well at long last the new rules are out and it will be interesting to see what skippers will do with their existing hulls.

    Lawrence Hartley's 507 has benefited considerably ~ he has radically lightened it and the result is noticeably better.

    The new rules have allowed me to reconsider Footy Cat she will now be able to have twin rudders and keels and the lighter batteries will allow better balance. I am considering twin MacRigs but we will see how she ...
  4. Footy Fixated

    5/1/2009 Well the past year and a bit has been quite amazing as far as modelling has been concerned - Nov 2007 saw me 1st having a go at Bournville with Roger Stollery's BUG3 GBR17 - what a bug it turned out to be - its a bit like a disease - gosh I know I was looking for a hobby but this has been truly fantastic.

    Apart from a few Airfix kits as a lad I have done no modelling before and now Im Footy Fixated!

    The friends I made at that 1st meeting have remained true ...

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